Wrist Measurements for Sterling Bracelets

To determine bracelet size, measure the wrist just below the wrist bone and add 1".
If your wrist is small, add up to 1 inches.

If you don't have a flexible tape measure, mark a piece of string and measure with a ruler.
Or measure another bracelet that fits you perfectly.

If this bracelet is a gift for an adult or young lady, and you don't know wrist size,
I would consider 7 as petite, 7.25 as small, 7.5 as medium, 7.75 as large, and 8.0 as XLarge.
The average appears to be 7.25 to 7.5 ins.

Little Sizes
To determine little sizes, measure her wrist and add 1/2" for ages 3 and under.
Add 3/4" for ages 2 and over OR use the approximate sizing below.

Wrist Measurement
Newborn 4 ins.
3 6 mos. 4.5 ins.
6 12 mos. 4.75 ins.
18 24 mos. 5 ins.
2 yrs. 5.5 ins.
3 yrs. 5.75 ins.
4-5 yrs. 6 ins.
6-7 yrs. 6.5 ins.
8 12 yrs. 6.75 ins.
Adult Petite 7 ins.
Adult Small 7.25 ins.
Adult Medium 7.5 ins.
Adult Large 7.75 ins.
Adult XLarge 8 ins.

Take the Time to Measure Carefully: Resizing is an Additional Cost Plus Shipping.
Costs for Resizing a Bracelet are:
1 Strand - $15.00
2 Strand - $25.00
3 Strand - $35.00

To avoid resizing and additional charges; please, please, measure before ordering. We realize many times our bracelets are given as gifts but it is costly on your part not to measure. If possible, find a bracelet that fits her nicely and measure it from end to end. If you can obtain her watch, measure this and add 1 inch to 1.25 ins. If measuring is not an option, please keep in mind we do charge to restring your bracelet. It takes us just as long to restring the second time as the first. If you have any concerns about our policies, please email our studio.

Our products are custom made, personalized items made specifically for you. We have taken great care in providing accurate, detailed online images of our bracelets so you can see exactly what you are purchasing. They are 100% returnable for workmanship or quality issues only. If we made a mistake it will be corrected at our expense.


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